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Nutritionist Eats #fooddiary

In my day to day I try to follow the 80/20 rule (although at times it can be 70/ 60/40 (holiday season). I try to eat clean and home made food 80%-70% of the time and the rest I let myself indulge. Usually on the weekends or nights out. 

The Oh So Obvious Trick For Weight Loss

Im a big promotor of healthy, wholesome foods. And that doesn't mean eating kale and chia seeds all day. I like to eat out, I like to cook with butter and yes I enjoy my occasional junk food days like no other. How do I keep my weight steady? My simplest and best trick I follow and give my clients is: 

Wind Me Down

After a weekend full of activities, events and giving in to sinfully delicious indulgences my body feels like it’s in need of a restart. So here’s a little trick I use for days like these, that has actually become a part of my Sunday night ritual. It’s simple, but it will do wonders to help you recuperate for the busy week ahead! 

Back To Work Body

I have to say, it's hard to let yourself rest after having a baby, it feels like you want to get back to your old self as fast as possible and be one of those "oh my god I cant believe you just had a baby" type of mommies, for me at least. The pressure is even heavier because this is my job and iI have been doing this for so long, Its like going back home.

My Little Secret

We're always on the hunt for the next cream that will freeze time and keep our skin glowing. At this point i can't keep up. Knowing that our skin and body on the outside is closely tied to whats going on on the inside i went on a quest to find the super foods and supplements to keep me forever young! (and my beauty budget to a minimum)

My Supplement routine, what and why?

Before i got my designation as an holistic nutritionist, as a newly found health junkie i would buy the new "hot" supplement to try every time i visited whole foods. I would read articles and google the desired outcome im looking for (better skin, healthier nails, energy booster etc) just to find gazillion ads, promotions and personal opinion articles. The health food store aisles didn't help either as there are new products on the shelf everyday claiming to turn you into a superman this made me very confused. I would buy the product use it for a bit and then stock it in the cupboard along with the rest of them. 

Spirulina Love

Im always on the hunt for the new superfood that will benefit my health, spirulina took some time to enter my life (i had the bottle probably for about a year before i opened it) but i am so glad i discovered it!

Back To Basics

Hi guys,

its been so crazy to settle into a new routine with a toddler and a newborn, can't describe it. But I'm so blessed and grateful for my two little boys, I know that the sleepless nights and countless hours of changing, feeding and catering to their needs will fly by and this too will all become a memory of the past (can't wait).