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Green Superfood Smoothie

For the days you feel like your body needs a boost, this smoothie packs a serious punch to it. Coconut water is an amazing source of potassium and very hydrating. Hemp seeds is a complete protein (!), rich in fibre and essential fatty acids. You get your green intake from spinach and celery and lets not forget the star of this show: Spirulina.

If you like (skinny) PINA COLADAS ...

I can’t believe its only Tuesday because by scrolling through my Instagram feed it looks like everyone's vacationing somewhere fabulous (Im sooooooo happy for you ... ). So in honour of those living in the real world and reading this from their not so fabulous cubicles here's a recipe for a mini vacation in your mouth (wink wink)

Tropical Green Smoothie

 I had to share this absolutely refreshing, summery green smoothie with you! It packs your greens, Essential fatty acids and mega dose of vitamins. It also sneaks a great hydration benefit with the coconut water for these hot days! I found this one to be great after a workout. And breakfast and... I snuck it in as a snack in between meals once or twice :)

Blueberry Probiotic Smoothie #smoothiesunday

Mother's day has took a whole other meaning to me once I became one. It's not about the presents or thankful cards (which are a bonus). For me Its a day where I look at my kids and feel absolute gratitude, pride and super hero powers. They are happy, strong, fed, clean, smart and funny and I had a VERY big part in it. Isn't it amazing? :)

Mango Kale Smoothie #smoothiesunday

It's Sunday! It's Sunday? already?! I must say I feel a little lost. This past week just flew by. All I remember is 1 appointment with our paediatrician (and thats very easy to remember because I had both boys with me for their shots. And let me tell you how fun it was to get shots at the same time in the same room. Maybe thats why I blocked out the rest of the week? :)

Vanilla Almond "Milkshake" #smoothiesunday

Happy Sunday you guys!

I woke up this morning wanting something creamy, filling and healthy to keep me going with 3 hours of sleep...#mommylife

I whipped out this deliciously simple smoothie to satisfy my craving and provide me with the fibre, protein and healthy fats that makes it into a great breakfast alternative!