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Green Superfood Smoothie

For the days you feel like your body needs a boost, this smoothie packs a serious punch to it. Coconut water is an amazing source of potassium and very hydrating. Hemp seeds is a complete protein (!), rich in fibre and essential fatty acids. You get your green intake from spinach and celery and lets not forget the star of this show: Spirulina.

Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding

What a great and easy dish to make ahead for breakfast, snack or when that sweet craving creeps in! 

Chia seeds is an amazing source of fibre, essential fatty acids and calcium!
Coconut milk packs a variety of vitamins and minerals in addition to be a great substitute for lactose intolerance. 

Nutritionist Eats #fooddiary

In my day to day I try to follow the 80/20 rule (although at times it can be 70/ 60/40 (holiday season). I try to eat clean and home made food 80%-70% of the time and the rest I let myself indulge. Usually on the weekends or nights out. 

The Oh So Obvious Trick For Weight Loss

Im a big promotor of healthy, wholesome foods. And that doesn't mean eating kale and chia seeds all day. I like to eat out, I like to cook with butter and yes I enjoy my occasional junk food days like no other. How do I keep my weight steady? My simplest and best trick I follow and give my clients is: 

Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

In my house there is one boss known to all: Chocolate. Then its me, but first is chocolate.It has the power to get my husband to eat greens and try my new healthy dish. It has the power to get my 2 year old out the door when we're running late to day care, and most importantly it has the power to let mama breath and enjoy the silence after I put the kids to sleep.

Trick A Treat! #Halloween

Everyone knows that one piece of candy is not a deal breaker, but ladies let’s not pretend that it stops at just one piece! Sugar spikes your blood and then inevitably you experience the crash leaving you tired, cranky, bloated and guilty for having ever indulged in the first place. So how do you keep your waist line looking good in that naughty nurse outfit?

If you like (skinny) PINA COLADAS ...

I can’t believe its only Tuesday because by scrolling through my Instagram feed it looks like everyone's vacationing somewhere fabulous (Im sooooooo happy for you ... ). So in honour of those living in the real world and reading this from their not so fabulous cubicles here's a recipe for a mini vacation in your mouth (wink wink)

Wind Me Down

After a weekend full of activities, events and giving in to sinfully delicious indulgences my body feels like it’s in need of a restart. So here’s a little trick I use for days like these, that has actually become a part of my Sunday night ritual. It’s simple, but it will do wonders to help you recuperate for the busy week ahead!