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GirlBoss Tips

GirlBoss Tips

I am a big believer in women, their power, their beauty and the mountains we can all move together. So when I heard that Sophia Amorouso is putting together the first ever GirlBoss rally, I got my ticket in a matter of seconds.

Cutting details out (because I will be uploading a vlog about the trip on my YouTube channel) here are some points that I learned from my day at the rally, surrounded by inspiring women everywhere. 

1.STOP multi-taskig

I am the first person to admit that I do this all the time. There's so many ideas, inspirations and practical shit I have to do on a daily basis that I try to cramp it all together and end up finishing 10% of them if any at all. The worst part I actually burn myself out because Im trying to remember them all and get frustrated when I cant keep up (I'm my own worst enemy). My mission these days is to rewire my brain. I promised myself to start making short lists everyday with what I need to do and prioritize them. Its better to do less things but do them right, than to keep going back to them over and over again.

2. Beliefs are thoughts you think repeatedly.

So better pay attention to what you're thinking about! Stop focusing on negative things/outcomes- that shit sticks to you. Start looking at obstacles as detours to the right direction, another lesson learned.

3. Be fearlessly and relentlessly true to yourself.

You have your own unique way to tell your story, to bring light and inspire people. Be kind to yourself and practice self forgiveness. From my personal experience- when I became my own best friend so much became clearer. Happiness and gratitude began to be a vital part of my day to day. BELIEVE IN YOUR MAGIC.

4. Don't have a plan B-  plan B means you're already preparing for plan A to fail.

Give it your all even if there's doubts from everyone around. You have to love what you do more then being scared of what people say.

5. Its OK not knowing who you are.

If you have yourself all figured out it means there's no evolving there. Its good to keep experimenting, guessing, trying and taking risks, you don't need to be the same person for the rest of your life. Keep challenging your beliefs, your passions, your education, your style.. KEEP GROWING, KEEP GOING.

I hope there's something in this post that sparked your mind.

Love always,


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