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The ModernFox Muse: Kate Antonova

The ModernFox Muse: Kate Antonova

As a young girl all I remember is not having the guts to follow things that I was passionate about, I would do secret projects of creative writing in my room and will never have the courage to showcase or follow that passion. That's where Kate caught my attention. I was so inspired by the journey she went through and still going (she is only 23) at her young age. The rigorous fine arts program she finished in Russia, then moving on to studying at the museum of Tel Aviv followed by a move to Montreal to continue her studying there- the commitment, the vision and knowing what you love and want to do and continually better yourself in that area is absolutely admirable. It took me 5 years to decide I don't like olives so... you see my point there.

I had the pleasure to catch up with her and get a sneak peak into her world.

What made you pursue art?

"I have loved to play with paints since I can remember. My aunt is an artist and influenced my career by showing me her passion towards her craft. I always loved to highlight beautiful things in ordinary things and show them to others. Like when a kid stops in the middle of the street and pulls his mom’s hand just to show her something he is fascinated with. Well I am still that kid, I cherish little moments in life and I love to capture them in my paintings. For example, an animal’s gaze, it happens for a split second, but I capture it for eternity." 

What do you love most about what you do?

"Many people say that I should paint for myself, but I think I enjoy painting for others more. My true reward is when I see peoples’ reaction to my paintings. Their wave of emotions, that’s what I paint for."

Did anything change once you realized this is what you want to do?

"My inner state changed when I decided to truly pursue my passion. When I paint I feel alive, I feel purpose. When I wake up and I know that my day will consist of colors and paintbrushes, my mood elevates infinitely. "

Do you have 1 piece that you created that you have more attachment too then the others?

"I love them all no doubt! Each time I let a painting out in to the world, I imagine that it is in good hands and will bring color and happiness to its new household. Recently, I watched a child run to one of my paintings and offer him a toy. It was so heart warming to see my art truly coming alive in his eyes. Back to the question, I think I am most attached to the Lion from my recent collection, as he represents all of my friends that have supported me to pursue my passion. The Lion is still with me, but eventually I will have to let him go, as there is nothing more inspirational as an empty studio, my blank canvas". 

Is there a quote/a book/ advice that inspired you and stuck with you this whole time?

"The phrase that impacted me the most was the one Jonathan Kanevsky (my boyfriend) once said to me- it is not the world that is happening to you, it is you who is happening to the world. As I always was waiting for that miracle to happen and my art will be noticed, but seriously what a dreamer I was... Now I simply execute and just work towards my dream and it is coming true, as life begins at the and of the comfort zone."


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