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Crispy Brussel Sprouts Chips AKA The New Kale Chips

Crispy Brussel Sprouts Chips AKA The New Kale Chips

Kale has been taking the stage as the best veggie chips but i found my new favourite: Brussel Sprouts.

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Yes, you heard me. This often over looked vegetable has a lot to offer! so what if its not as long and lean as the kale, you cant judge a book by its cover...all veggies need love. you get my point.

its packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, minerals and antioxidants. And for 100g you only consume 45 calories! (what what)

You can add them to salads, as a side dish or just enjoy them as chips.

What you will need:


1 Tbs Coconut Oil 

Sea Salt

Brussel Sprouts 

*There is no exact measurements to this recipe just make sure you don't use too much salt (i went a little to crazy with that one), you can always add more later.


  1. Preheat oven to 350Β°F.
  2. With a paring knife, cut off the bottom tip of each sprout. The outer leaves will fall off. Trim a tiny bit more off the bottom so more leaves fall off. Continue until you've removed all the leaves. Toss the leaves with the oil, and lay them in one layer on a rimmed baking sheet. Sprinkle with sea salt.
  3. Roast seven to 10 minutes, until leaves are lightly browned and crisp.




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