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7 Surprising Tips For Better Skin

7 Surprising Tips For Better Skin

For the past year I got really into my skin. Not just exploring and researching gazillion products and treatments, but getting deeper into what I can do on a daily basis to keep it young, plump and glowing. I think when you're young and careless you just assume everything will stay firm and in place (ahh those innocent days) but then when you start reaching your mid 20's you come to the realization, things change, sag and get mushy (some more then others) and I absolutely hate doing the shoulda coulda woulda when It's too late. So I decided to share some tips I do that doesn't cost me anything and preserves the benefits of all those products I spend my money on.

Long, Hot Showers

While the occasional steamy shower is great, it actually strips away the outermost layer of the epidermis, which can cause scaly and dry skin. I try to keep it as lukewarm as possible but if I must have one, I make sure to moisturize right away and generously!

Eating Too Much Sodium

Excess sodium in your diet can suck the moisture out of skin, leaving it dry and dull. If you do use salt often make sure to switch to a more natural and beneficial version such as the Pink Himalayan salt that is packed with minerals that keeps the body hydrated and promotes better circulation. You can find it HERE

Squinting Your Eyes

So guilty of this. I always forget my glasses and I don't even remember the last time I went to my optometrist. Wearing outdated contacts and glasses will cause you to squint more, and in turn, lead to fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. To avoid unnecessary aging, make sure you visit your eye doctor at least once a year!

Chemicals In The Water

The heat from prolonged showers can lead to dry skin, but so can your shower head. With all the purifying agents used to filter public water, chemical build up on skin over time is very common. Filtered shower head is a cheap and great way to soften and clean your water.  I installed one in every shower in my house and saw a difference in my hair and skin right away. Invest in one to avoid dry skin caused by chlorine and other elements. You can find it HERE

Not Sleeping Smartly

Your sleeping conditions matter. First things first: your pillowcase. It collects oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess night creams. As you toss and turn, all of that is deposited right into your pores. Try to make a habit of changing them at least once a week (twice is better). While you're at it, swap out the regular cotton version for something smoother, like satin or silk, or Egyptian cotton. The tightly-woven, smooth fibers of silk help keep moisture close to the skin, says Jennifer Peterson, MD, a dermatologist at the Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center in Houston. When you wake up after sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your face will be better hydrated than if you slept on cotton. This is a great beauty tip for those with dry, flaky skin. As a bonus, hydrated, plump skin cells show fewer fine lines (wrinkles!) and more luminosity than dehydrated skin cells.

And if you really want to go that extra mile, plug in a humidifier. It counteracts the skin-drying effects of air conditioning and heat.

Neglecting Your Hands, Chest And Neck

Skin care doesn't stop at your jawline. Overexposure to sun affects your hands, chest and neck just as much as your complexion. These areas are the first ones to show signs of aging! 
Treat your neck, chest and the backs of your hands as you would your face. The fix is simple: The next time you apply serum, face cream, or sunscreen or give yourself an exfoliating treatment, extend everything down to your chest.

Using Dirty Make Up Brushes 

This requires quite a bit of discipline, for me at least. Eh, why bother, you think. Here's why: Skip washing your brushes and you could wind up with muddied colors, clogged pores, and bacterial infections. Once every three weeks, lather brushes with a gentle shampoo, rinse well, and let them dry overnight.

Do you have any best kept skin secrets? Please share! 


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