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Trick A Treat! #Halloween

Trick A Treat! #Halloween

It’s pumpkin season.

So listen up pumpkin… candy is good and all for the night you’ve decided to indulge your inner child, but think about the extra hours at the gym following your night of sweet sin. For those girls who are looking to enjoy the season of dress up and balance their cravings while keeping their fitness goals, here’s our take on Halloween.

Everyone knows that one piece of candy is not a deal breaker, but ladies let’s not pretend that it stops at just one piece! Sugar spikes your blood and then inevitably you experience the crash leaving you tired, cranky, bloated and guilty for having ever indulged in the first place. So how do you keep your waist line looking good in that naughty nurse outfit?

Well, first of all if you’re going to have a few pieces of candy make sure you do it after a meal that includes proteins and good fats for a slower breakdown of sugars to avoid that awful sugar spike.

Secondly, there’s a little saying that goes “fruit was our candy before candy was candy” so indulge your sweet tooth in fruit before you head out on Halloween. For example, have a fruit smoothie and make sure to add in a scoop of fiber like flaxseeds or chia seeds. Fiber not only aids in a regular bowel movement it also keeps you fuller for longer.

If you find that you're surrounded by bowls of candy at work, school or home try and opt for a dessert tea or if you fancy, pop in a cinnamon stick because its sweet nature will help alleviate sugar cravings and balance your blood sugar levels which in turn, keeps your cravings in check.

Looking for some healthy snack ideas?

Nori chips or coconuts chips are good options for those of you looking for a crunchy or salty fix. If you’re sweeter side is calling, try some dark chocolate covered almonds!

Lastly trick and treat your friends (or yourself) to these delicious Caramel Apple Dippers at your Halloween party!


You’ll need:

12 soaked medjool dates

1/4-1/2 tsp of cinnamon 

1/4 cup water (depending on consistency you can add more as you go Blend in a high speed blender)

Cut apple slices, dip them in date sauce and coat with chopped almonds and cocoa dust! 




Happy Halloween!

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