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Eat This Oil To Lose Weight #modelsecrets101

Eat This Oil To Lose Weight #modelsecrets101

You've probably heard all the amazing benefits of coconut oil and hopefully you're already incorporating it in your daily life. But did you know that actually eating it can help you lose weight? 

How you ask? 

1. Coconut oil expedites metabolism. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid thats metabolized differently then most other fats. It makes the body work harder to digest and metabolize which leads to more energy burn therefore fat burn.

2. Coconut oil reduces your appetite, making you eat less without trying! Many studies on medium chain fatty acids (coconut oil) show that, compared to the same amount of calories from other fats, medium chain fatty acids increase feeling of fullness which automatically makes you eat less. This leads to overall less calories consumed.

Fat is still fat. So i recommend about 2 TBS of coconut oil per day, you can add it to your smoothie, cook with it (swap your cooking oil for this one) or use it on your toast! 

Coconut oil can support a healthy, clean food based diet, but don't expect it to work any miracles on its own!

Other ways i use coconut oil:

1. My main cooking oil- I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING. For desserts ill use the extra virgin coconut oil and for regular cooking (unless its curry) i will use THIS coconut oil which doesn't have the aroma and doesn't make everything taste like coconuts.

2. Deodorant- I've been using coconut oil as deodorant for about 2 years now. It takes some time for your body to adjust but when it does its a great, natural option! **It is a light deodorant so i use it on days i know i won't be needing the extra support**

3. Make up remover- Especially great to remove eye make up as its a very sensitive area.

4. Body moisturizer for myself and my kids- I ditched my staple body lotion creams when i became pregnant to avoid all the toxins being absorbed into my body. I opted for more natural products and i still keep using it on a daily basis. For my boys its my go to moisturizer as not only its clean of chemicals, it also provides the body with nutrients that are being absorb through the skin.

5.Hair mask- I just slater coconut oil all over my hair for the night and wash it out in the morning. My hair is shinier and healthier looking instantly!


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